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Hammock Sleeping Bag | By Grand Trunk

Hammocks arenít designed for camping in cold weather, they are helpless against the slightest chill. Grand Trunkís hammock sleeping bag solves this by turning your hammock into a toasty insulated cocoon. Unlike other sleeping bags when placed on a hammock, it wonít thin out on the bottom, this means the insulation stays lofty, leaving you hanging inside a warm cocoon, even when itís freezing outside.

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PODPAD | Image


Podpad is an original and inventive solution for small apartments. The wall-mounted desk and storage unit opens to reveal a work desk, plus several shelves and compartments to store documents and other work related items. It also comes with space for your charging station and a wireless speaker. via Also check out our popular roundup on Office Pods...
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Elevate Grill is a new gas grill, its greatest features are: its portability, you can fold it in two, just like if it was a standard briefcase, handle included, so you do get single hand portability, and its cooking space, with two large trays to cook your food, with an area of around 286 square inches, in fact the largest portable cooking area on the market. The Elevate Grill is equipped with a built in propane storing system, which delivers around 14k BTU of grill...
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Ulisse Daybed is a beautiful lounger designed for your everyday chilling sessions, powernaps or meditating moments. One of its most interesting features is the solid brass reclining system, that easily and quickly enables you to, safely, decide the inclination you wish to get. Its wooden structure, although being modern and minimalist, has some oriental and African motifs, giving it a more out-of-the box look, which sets it apart from the more commonly seen on plain...
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