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The House In The Garden | By Cunningham Architects

The House in the Garden is a free-standing addition to an elegant modernist house on a adjointing lot. Located in Texas this modern two storey box features a south façade glazed in framless, insulated glass units incorporating two 8 foot wide sliding doors. There is a guest bedroom and painting studio upstairs, and downstairs the concrete floor and exterior deck provide a seamless transition from the living room to the garden. With its 5250 sq.ft the house also provides ample space for a large collection of art and automobiles.

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Carbon Flyer is the ultimate tech toy, it is the world´s first all carbon fiber personal drone, controlled by Bluetooth on your smartphone, with an on-board video camera! Built from highly resistant carbon fibre, this thing is practically indestructible, and with an ultra-low drag delta-wing design, it delivers high speeds and superior control. The Carbon Flyer is controlled via an app on your iPhone or Android device from up to 80 yards line of sight, you steer by ...
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This is just brilliant, Coelux is an Italian company that make artificial windows and skylights that mimic the true effect of natural sunlight and the sky, you won´t believe it isn´t real!  Designed for gloomy interior spaces, the high-tech light system uses Nanotechnology, and not only mimics the color temperature, it mimics the quality of daylight, it looks so real even a camera will be tricked. The creator’s claim the system is so effective tha...
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The Solo Shelter by 5 Owls is a versatile, lightweight tent/sleeping bag combo designed to meet the toughest demands. The innovative sleeping bag lets you sleep under the stars with the capability to deploy the Storm Shelter if the weather suddenly turns nasty. Made with premium materials, the Solo Shelter weighs less than 5 pounds, and keeps your upper body inside the mosquito-proof tent, while your lower half stays cosy in the waterproof sleeping bag. via...
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