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Bamboo and Stainless Steel Bar Set

Cedes Milano has over thirty years of experience in the luxury sector and in high-quality manufacturing, they manufacture natural products with emphasises on the natural elegance of raw materials, such as travel accessories, personal care products and home accessories, all 100% handmade piece by piece. One of their most impressive offerings is this sublime Bamboo and Stainless Steel Bar Set, it has everything a bartender needs to mix and prepare cocktails. Housed in an elegant brown leather case for smart storage, the set includes a cork-screw, sugar pesltle, cocktail spoon, muddler, bottle opener, strainer, champagne opener and stopper, jigger, lemon knife, lemon fork bar knife and ice tong, all beautifully handcrafted of mirror-polished stainless steel and chrome-plated brass styled with a brown bamboo root handle.

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Billy Wolf is an American heritage company, they make stylish dog clothing. Their products draw inspiration from authentic Americana roots and are made from vintage fabrics and salvaged buttons with handmade labels in New York City. Check out their website and pick a timeless classic coat to keep your dog warm through the winter. Also check out our round up on Dog Gear...
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Lushna Villa takes the new glamping concept to another level. As you know glamping is the combo of glamour and camping, you get all the cool things in camping, such as the outdoors’ life, nature contact and sense of freedom, but you also get a more luxurious experience than regular camping provides, with a bit more comfort and luxury. Lushna Villa is a way to get this provided by their unique and beautiful design, made of larch wood with eco-insulation, the structur...
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TreePod Camper | Image

TreePod Camper

TreePod Camper is a new offer on the suspended tents market, this one makes it possible to sleep two adults, with a combined weight of 500 pounds, with two separate access doors and a mesh wall to assure some privacy inside if that´s important, you can also keep them open to allow some airflow. One of TreePod Camper’s main features is that you only need one strong tree branch to hang it from, it´s a single point suspension structure, if you need some extra stability...
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