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Red Bull F1 Racing Simulator

Experience the thrill of Formula One racing with the Red Bull F1 Racing Simulator. Available from May, this official "Show Car Simulator" is based on the Championship-winning RB18 from 2022 and offers the ultimate racing experience for F1 fans. Made using the same processes as real race cars, the simulator features official Oracle Red Bull Racing CAD data, composite tooling, and premium hardware finalized in partnership with the race team. Choose between Max Verstappen´s or Sergio Pérez’s livery and enjoy the AOC gaming screen, force feedback paddle steering wheel, and Z906 Ultimate THX surround sound. The simulator comes with a show car nose and front wing assembly for a more authentic experience and look.

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Vinovest interior
Nixon Interior
Cariuma Interior
Floyd Interior
Nezumi Interior


Geneva, makers of the acclaimed Geneva Sound System, have recently launched the Geneva Sound System Model XXL, a device that is both a powerful home theater and a high fidelity music system. The lacquered wood dresser integrates a 700 watt digital amplifier of the highest quality, with seven speakers and a powerful 12-inch subwoofer. It features an elegant CD player loading slot, a radio, and a iPod/iPhone port that also streams video to a TV. It also has internal s...
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GigaDrive | Image


GigaDrive is the world’s fastest external SSD, boasting read/write speeds of 2,800 MB/s! The sleek device is powered by Thunderbolt4 and USB4, which both have higher bandwidth, allowing the faster transfer speeds, making it perfect for expanding storage on a laptop, desktop, or your shiny new PlayStation 5....
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Audio giants Bose are using crowdfunding website Indiegogo for developing an innovative product to end sleepless nights. The Bose Sleepbuds want to fix your snoring and deep sleep, they work by masking noise with soothing sounds preloaded on the built-in flash memory that facilitate sleep. For example, if your partner snores, it produces gentle audio to keep your brain relaxed so you can stay asleep. Using the Bose app, you can set smart alarms letting ...
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