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MetMo Driver

The MetMo Driver gives a classic ratchet screwdriver a modern twist. The unique, precision engineered high-torque driver has been designed to "bring an icon of engineering into the 21st-century". Based on a design that was first patented in 1891, the German-made Weltrekord was a 1950s ratchet screwdriver that has since become a collector´s item. British tool manufacturer MetMo has now reimagined it, using modern day materials and manufacturing techniques.

The Driver features a machined hard-anodized aluminum body, a stainless steel chuck and fold-down torque lever, plus various brass components. It weighs 320g, delivers a mighty 76 Nm (56 lb-ft) of torque, and its magnetic socket accepts all third-party quarter-inch (6.3 mm) bits. The end result is a compact device that is both a powerful and versatile tool and amazingly fun to fiddle with. watch the video below


Our thanks to MetMo for sponsoring the site this week. The post was written by the BTS team and not influenced in any way.

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