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DJI has officially introduced its cinematic FPV drone aimed at beginning and intermediate users. The drone comes fully assembled, with everything you need for a seamless, hassle-free First-person view flight experience. Feel the thrill of immersive flight provided by the included goggles and an HD low-latency video transmission at up to 120fps that gives you an ultra-smooth, real-time view of your flight. The FPV also has a built-in camera that is capable of shooting stable 4K video at 60 fps, and slow-motion at 120 fps with a resolution of 1080pa 150-degree field of view. The drone has a range of 10 kilometers, and comes with a DJI FPV Remote Controller 2, DJI FPV Goggles V2, and a new optional motion controller to help ease the learning curve. You also get multiple flight modes, advanced safety features like emergency brake and hover, plus a flight simulator in the app, to help get you acquainted with flying the device virtually. watch the video below

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Nebula is a brand known for their portable projectors, but now they are going after the home theater market with the Cosmos Projector. Please give a warm welcome to Nebula Cosmos and Nebula Cosmos Max (available soon), their brand-new series of all-in-one home cinema projectors. The Nebula Cosmos is a fantastic starting point for newcomers to the home cinema scene, it is a 1080p projector that includes everything you need to embrace that home cinema lifestyle. It fe...
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How cool is this? Designer Joyce Kang created a beautiful, minimalist silhouette that acts as an iPod-shaped case for the latest Apple Watch. It even features the traditional circular click wheel and front panel design used by the iPod Classic but with a more compact design. The Pod Case is made of silicone and slides right over the Apple Watch body, giving it a funky throwback look, while also letting you use the watch and all its functionalities. The case has yet ...
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Desktop Metal 3D Printer | Image

Desktop Metal 3D Printer

This Desktop Metal 3D Printer is a new option in this growing market, but what sets it apart from its competitors is the creation of a whole new segment that’s the metal printing of objects. You’ve read it right, you can now build your items and get them printed out in aluminum, steel or even titanium. Up to 10x cheaper than the standard industry, this in-house solution sure is a game changer for those that need metal prototypes quickly and at a low cost but sti...
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