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Cool Doorstops

We are back with are popular roundups on original and unique products. Today we bring you our pick of some of the coolest doorstops available. More photos and product details below.

1. Paper Airplane Doorstop, $10 | BUY 

2. The Wizard of Oz Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop, $27 | BUY  

3. Wanted Foot in the Door Stopper $17 | BUY

4. Gold Bar Door Stop, $20 | BUY 

5. Heavy Rope Knot Doorstop, $29 | BUY  

6. Ice Cream Cone Door Stopper, $12 | BUY 

7. Golfers Doorstop, $29 | BUY  

8. Fred Foot in the Door, $10| BUY 

9. Soldier Doorstop, $31 | BUY 

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cool-doorstops-2.jpg | Image

cool-doorstops-3.jpg | Image

cool-doorstops-4.jpg | Image

cool-doorstops-5.jpg | Image

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Batman fanatics rejoice! Lego have announced that Batman´s coolest vehicle will be available in a new building set. The Lego Tumbler Vehicle is a 2,049-piece set of the popular Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, and comes complete with Batman (Christian Bale) and the Joker (Heath Ledger) mini-figs. The imposing, heavily armoured beast will stretch your construction skills and capture the style of one of the most iconic vehicles in cinema ...
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Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot | Image

Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot

If you love the outdoors and camping out in the most remote and unbelievable spots, you´ve surely discovered that sometimes ground clearance to setup shop is not always perfect or easy to find. Whether its rocks or an uneven ground, it´s not easy to maintain stability or comfort to ensure a good night sleep, so in order to get comfort and safety, because bugs and snakes surely are a bad surprise too, Kamp-Rite developed the awesome Double Tent Cot. With a light ye...
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The Melting Clock is inspired by the famous Dali painting "The Persistence of Memory", the well-known surrealist painting introduced the image of the soft melting pocket watch. The clock was designed to be used on a shelf or hanging on your office desk. Although awkward, it is balanced as a common clock and its mechanisms work perfectly. A cool gift idea! ...
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