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Cool Doormats

1. Defense Mat, $50 | BUY

2. Unlock Doormat, $49.90 | BUY

3. Come Back with a Warrant Doormat, $20 | BUY

4. Oh No! Not You Again, $20 | BUY

5. I Hope You Brought Beer Doormat, $15 | BUY

6. Go Away Doormat, $11 | BUY

7. Beware of Dog Doormat, $18 | BUY

8. Ring Doorbell and Run Doormat, $15 | BUY

9. Tape Doormat, $49 | BUY

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


It was just a matter of time, really. With drones invading the skies all around us, it was inevitable that we would eventually be seeing some Star Wars Drones, RC toy maker Propel is launching a quartet of official drones modeled on some familiar modes of transportation from a galaxy far, far away. A speeder bike, and an X-Wing, and the Millennium Falcon, and a Tie fighter. And yes, they really do fly. The drones can reach speeds up to 40mph and can do 360-degree ae...
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DIY lovers rejoice, this is the ultimate handyman project, building your own house! The Minim Micro House plans are available for purchase ($495) and include all the instructions you need to build your own tiny house retreat. These include detailed elevations, comprehensive plans for the exterior and interior, material order notes and construction guidelines, plus over 100 annotated build photos to guide you trough your lifetime DIY achievement. Or, if you...
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PLUS HUS | Image


Whether you need a backyard office, a guest house, a gym or a kids playroom, the Plus Hus gives you 320 square feet to be customized almost any way you see fit. The low waste 320-square foot unit is pre-fabricated, flat-packed and can be delivered to anywhere in the States, and assembled on-site. The environmentally friendly dwellings are available in three different configurations that can include a bathroom and kitchenette. Included with each abode is a ...
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