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Cool Doormats

1. Defense Mat, $50 | BUY

2. Unlock Doormat, $49.90 | BUY

3. Come Back with a Warrant Doormat, $20 | BUY

4. Oh No! Not You Again, $20 | BUY

5. I Hope You Brought Beer Doormat, $15 | BUY

6. Go Away Doormat, $11 | BUY

7. Beware of Dog Doormat, $18 | BUY

8. Ring Doorbell and Run Doormat, $15 | BUY

9. Tape Doormat, $49 | BUY

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cool-doormats-2.jpg | Image

cool-doormats-3.jpg | Image

cool-doormats-4.jpg | Image

cool-doormats-5.jpg | Image

Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Noem design and build tailor made, high-tech homes just in weeks. Their modern prefabricated modular homes are built using only natural materials such as wood and achieve maximum energy efficiency, and minimum carbon footprint. The houses are tailor-made and fully customized to the clients needs and taste, and are directed and orchestrated by sensors, actuators and home automation, achieving huge levels of energy efficiency savings. The final result is a useful and ...
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RoadHaus Wedge | Image

RoadHaus Wedge

The tiny house trend is officially here to stay. Tiny houses are relatively easy to build and move from place to place, and many people are rejecting more spacious dwellings in favor of pared-down, efficient homes. The new RoadHaus is a refined version of the company’s popular 400 square foot Wedge model. The RoadHaus Wedge (offered at 160 to 240 sf) is a smaller yet refined version at a fraction of the cost. It comes standard with a covered outdoor deck that increa...
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CASA Z | Image


This masterclass in contemporary architecture was developed by Zozaya Arquitectos and is located in the Mexican beach town of Zihuatanejo. Named Casa Z, the stunning beach home is set on a steep slope with breathtaking views over the Pacific Ocean. Covered in natural stone and bamboo, the 470-square-meter home features beautiful wooden furniture and verdant plants that provide a stunning contrast with the home´s exposed structural elements. The whole minimalist hous...
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