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Habitas Caravan Glamping

If you have ever dreamed of escaping to the desert to see the stars and enjoy nature in its purest form, then this new luxury glampsite is your chance. Set in Saudi Arabias Ashar Valley, Habitas Caravans brings together an incredible blend of luxury and nature for one-of-a-kind experiences. With only 22 bespoke Airstream caravans available at any one time, this glampsite is intimate yet luxurious – perfect for anyone looking for a special retreat in a remote location.

Each caravan comes with its own private sleeping area, bathroom, private terrace and seating area, as well as a fire pit for enjoying nights under the stars.

With so much space, you can enjoy all-inclusive activities including on-site food trucks, jungle gyms, outdoor cinemas and more. You can even book private events for your group or family. You will also be able to enjoy activities such as horseback riding and stargazing while enjoying local food and wine pairings.

Also by Habitas, check out the wonderful Alula Desert Hotel

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