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Hurtigruten Expedition Cruises

Norwegian cruise provider Hurtigruten is adding new ships to their fleet, the MS Roald Amundsen and the MS Fridtjof Nansen. Modern and undeniably Scandinavian, the new ships have been heralded as "the worlds greenest, safest and most advanced" expedition ships. Indeed, these are the worlds first battery powered hybrid expedition cruise ships, designed to reduce emissions. The Expedition Cruises are perfect for those who aim to explore the world’s harshest conditions on the cold fronts, their usual trips feature some destinations such as: the Norwegian fjords, Greenland, Antartica, Iceland and others. The Hurtigruten Expedition Cruises take their guests to some of the world’s most impressive scenarios with unique know how and expertise provided by over 125 years of experience in the field, plus they now have two hybrid vessels that are eco-conscious so you may feel more at ease traveling in them. Instead of casinos and luxury, you will have a more meaningful, authentic experience, while learning about the geography, history, and wildlife all around you. All the comfort is ensured by an experienced crew and a multitude of different possibilities are available so routine or boredom won’t become an issue.

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Fourneau is a new item designed for the freshly baked bread lovers. It´s in fact a cast iron oven thats meant to be used in your homes´ regular oven. When your oven gets up to temperature, just put your dough on the peel and slide it into the cast iron device, and let it cook. With each Oven you get a recipe book that will guide you in the task of making your own bread, you also get a maple peel to help you slide it in the oven. American made by the the Strand Des...
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Located just just five minutes from Volcano National Park in Hawaii, the Volcano Cabin retreat delivers a simple, beautiful experience tailor-made for a solo or couple getaway. Nestled in a forest of beautiful Ohia trees, you will be immersed in natural beauty both inside and outside. The cozy rental boasts an open-plan living and sleeping space with a king-size bed, perfect for a Big Island romantic getaway, plus there is a sofa-bed as an additional sleeping space,...
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A beacon of energy in the heart of downtown Dallas, The Joule is a tour-de-force of Adam D. Tihanys award-winning design and style situated in a revitalized 1920’s Neo-Gothic building re-imagined for the contemporary traveler. The buildings façade has been restored and added to with a new 10-story tower which is topped by the cantilevered rooftop pool and bar area. The pool actually juts out over the edge off the building with just a heavy layer of glass separati...
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