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Glass Bottom Pool | Holiday Inn Shanghai

Surely inspired by Hotel Joule in Dallas, The Holiday Inn in Shanghai China have recently revealed their breathtaking cantilever swimming pool located high on the hotel´s 24th floor. Guests can enjoy a swimming "over the air" experience at the very "deep end" of the pool, with nothing but a glass bottom underneath! If you have a fear of heights, you will probably want to stay in the shallow end...

holiday-inn-shangai-swimming-pool-2.jpg | Image

holiday-inn-shangai-swimming-pool-3.jpg | Image

holiday-inn-shangai-swimming-pool-4.jpg | Image

holiday-inn-shangai-swimming-pool-5.jpg | Image

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"Powder" is your visual ticket to the world's top skiing and snowboarding destinations, curated in collaboration with Red Bull. Dive into breathtaking landscapes, from iconic spots to hidden gems, capturing the thrilling essence of winter sports. With stunning visuals of renowned athletes and serene nature scenes, Powder offers an immersive journey through the Alps, Scandinavia, North America, and Asia. Beyond its visual allure, this book serves as a practical guide...
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Most people agonize over what to cook for dinner every day, well now you can shake up your cooking routine with the Foodie Dice. The fun and beautifully designed Foodie Dice are a fast solution for figuring out what to cook, with what and how. The set consists of 9 wooden dice, 5 primary dice and 4 seasonal dice, each representing ingredient categories and cooking methods, some are more common and some are meant to get you to be adventurous. With over 186,000 combin...
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Italian premium speaker manufacturer Sonus Faber has introduced an all-in-one powerhouse of sound that seriously elevates the casual audio experience. The new Omni Wireless Speaker is a sleek all-in-one sound system with an organic design inspired by the hull of a boat. The contemporary and powerful system features a stylish tactile illuminated wooden top panel that allows direct control of the system, with an additional remote operation available via the supplied h...
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