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Lava Me Pro Guitar

Lava Me Pro Guitar is a new option for those who are looking for something more than a simple string instrument. Made from carbon fiber, an unusual material for guitars, this beauty features an unique and bio-shaped design with an honeycomb structure, molded from a single piece to bring the overall weight down and the output volume up. It also lends it a special sound that sets it apart from its more conventional competitors. Along with its sound you also get a much stiffer and durable piece that will play in the hardest conditions. Sound specialists say its timbre is rather unusual and it features high sound quality, its other core materials also feature high resistance polymers along with premium aluminum on its L2 pickup with premium electronics that pack a bunch of cool features such as reverb, delay or chorus with no need for an amp. The guitar also has buttons and toggles for reverb, mix-control, chorus, delay and turbo modes. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur this might be what you’re looking for to step up your game. watch the video below

Grab one from Lava Music or from Amazon

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Looking for a unique place to escape with friends and family? Look no further, Casa Volta is a spectacular open-air retreat nestled between the sea and jungle, that invites you to enjoy the wonderful climate of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Designed by renowned architectural firm Ambrosietchegaray, the unique house reveals itself in the familiar vernacular form of three clay-fired brick vaults inviting guests to a fresh space under them. The house features two bedrooms ...
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Korean BBQ | Image

Korean BBQ

This new book by chef Bill Kim of Chicago´s award-winning bellyQ restaurants is perfect for those beginning to think about trying out more adventurous recipes to add to their repertoire. With 80 recipes tailored specifically to the at-home cook Korean BBQ: Master Your Grill in Seven Sauces, features descriptions of essential store-cupboard staple ingredients for the recipes, a chapter on the all important sauces, and even includes substitutions for hard-to-find trad...
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If you are not familiar with the name "Shake Shack” you´re probably not a fan of burgers. The cult burger chain has released a new cookbook - Shake Shack: Recipes and Stories, giving away some of their biggest secrets. You can now create the restaurants famed burgers, fries and shakes at home, and above all else — the secret Shack Sauce recipe! The book is packed with 70 recipes, 200 photographs, and plenty of stories, fun facts, and pro tips for the ShackFan. Dream...
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