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Lava Me Pro Guitar

Lava Me Pro Guitar is a new option for those who are looking for something more than a simple string instrument. Made from carbon fiber, an unusual material for guitars, this beauty features an unique and bio-shaped design with an honeycomb structure, molded from a single piece to bring the overall weight down and the output volume up. It also lends it a special sound that sets it apart from its more conventional competitors. Along with its sound you also get a much stiffer and durable piece that will play in the hardest conditions. Sound specialists say its timbre is rather unusual and it features high sound quality, its other core materials also feature high resistance polymers along with premium aluminum on its L2 pickup with premium electronics that pack a bunch of cool features such as reverb, delay or chorus with no need for an amp. The guitar also has buttons and toggles for reverb, mix-control, chorus, delay and turbo modes. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur this might be what you’re looking for to step up your game. watch the video below

Grab one from Lava Music or from Amazon

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