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Hoto Flashlight Fit

The new HOTO Flashlight Fit, is an upgraded version of their previous Flashlight Lite, with so many new functions that it will seem to have come from the year 2077. Following the HOTO tradition, the design of this new Flashlight Fit is "simple" and "minimalistic", with a single button to control functions. They kept the beloved light diffuser, modi... read more

Hoto Tool Sets

Hoto has recently launched a series of Tool Sets that are the solution to problems with traditional tool sets. This product is designed for YOU! (unless you are an industrial worker, someone who has to use tools for big construction jobs). Hoto, a short form for (HO)me (TO)ols is dedicated to designing tools to use at home. On this occasion, HOTO h... read more

Hoto Flashlight Lite

From the same guys that brought you the award-wining Hoto Laser Tape Measure, comes this sleek flashlight with a cool industrial design, equally cool features, and an affordable price tag. The compact flashlight puts out 1000 lumens, features 5 brightness modes and lets you zoom the light beam to various widths. There is also a multifunctional spri... read more

Hoto Laser Tape Measure

This award-wining device is equipped with smart technology that works reliably and helps you conveniently capture various measurements like room size, window height and furniture size. The Hoto Laser Tape Measure can capture measurements up to 98ft (30 meters) and has the ability to conveniently switch units from meters to feet. The compact tool ca... read more