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Discover a curated collection of exceptional finds on the Huckberry website. From rugged outdoor gear to stylish everyday essentials, explore our picks that blend quality craftsmanship with a sense of adventure. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a style connoisseur, or someone seeking unique and innovative products, Huckberry offers a diverse range of items that embody quality, functionality, and a spirit of exploration. Join us on a journey through the unique and thoughtfully curated treasures waiting to be uncovered on Huckberry.

Experience versatility with this multifunctional 9-in-1 tool that combines a ballpoint pen, box cutter, level, screwdrivers, ruler, file, stylus, and bottle opener. Conveniently pocket-sized, it ensures ease of use and boasts durability with robust materials. Travel hassle-free as it complies with TSA regulations, making it the perfect companion for your journeys.
BUY | $30

The Goruck GR2 26L backpack seamlessly blends robust construction, comprehensive features, and a sophisticated, understated design that maintains a discreet profile as you navigate the world.
BUY | $405

Garmin introduces an enhanced version of its popular compact satellite communicator, designed for adventure enthusiasts who prioritize portability. While the device retains a similar look to its predecessor, it comes with improved features, including an extended battery life of almost two weeks, an impressive companion app, route and course planning functionalities, and a useful route retracing feature for a secure journey back home.
BUY | $400

This meticulously designed Rambler 1 Gallon Jug boasts double-wall vacuum insulation, ensuring it retains either ice-cold or steaming hot temperatures for extended periods. Equipped with a large handle for easy carrying, the lid features a magnetic cap that securely stays in place during each pour.
BUY | $130

The Ono Kezuru 380 axe merges a razor-sharp steel blade crafted by Japan's renowned Tsubame-Sanjo Cutlery with an exquisite hand-carved White Oak handle, each possessing unique characteristics. As you sharpen the blade, it improves over time, and with every swing, the handle gradually conforms to the contours of your hand.
BUY | $330

For over 40 years, Danner has been a staple on trails across the Pacific Northwest. Renowned for durability, the Trail 2650 is a revolutionary trainer, blending lightweight design with athletic performance inspired by the challenging Pacific Crest Trail. With a breathable mesh lining, dual-zone Vibram 460 outsole, ultra-lightweight EVA midsole, and reinforced heel counter, the Trail 2650 is your trusted companion for spring and summer hikes.
BUY | $170

Regardless of the challenges you encounter throughout your day, the Epix Pro is your ally for overcoming them. Packed with an extensive range of features, it addresses everything from off-grid mapping to health insights and even contactless payments. Designed for both adventurous pursuits and the demands of everyday life, the Epix Pro is your reliable companion.
BUY | $1,100

Crafted for ultralight travel, Matador's FlatPak travel accessories surpass traditional gear in terms of weight, durability, and compactness. Specifically, the FlatPak Dry Bag excels in providing waterproof and leakproof transport for your small essentials. Its adaptive design ensures versatility, conforming to the size and shape of your belongings.
BUY | $45

For quick device charging, the Fast Charger 67W features cutting-edge 67W technology, supporting full-speed charging for your MacBook and achieving a 50% iPhone charge in under 30 minutes.
BUY | $60

Several iconic surf brands grace the market, and Oakley stands tall among them. The Hydra Sunglasses epitomize their commitment to riding the waves, blending vintage aesthetics with contemporary materials. Notably, the Bio-Matter frame incorporates carbon materials, aligning with eco-friendly practices. The 3-point fit ensures all-day comfort, making these sunglasses an excellent choice—no bleached hair or shakas required.
BUY | $177

Make sure your tools are readily available with the Hoto Tools Precision Electric Screwdriver Kit. It comes with a non-slip aluminum base and twenty-five precision bits crafted from S2 steel. This enables you to effortlessly switch from handling delicate electronic components to taking on more extensive projects by changing the screwdriver head.
BUY | $60

Indulge your senses with the plush comfort of organic sherpa around your ears. Treat yourself to the experience of donning a finely crafted hat. This cap boasts a medium-profile design with a deeper fit for added warmth, features a 5-panel construction, and ensures a snug elastic fit suitable for most head sizes. Revel in both coziness and stylish appeal with this well-made hat.
BUY | $45

The ideal tool for architects and designers, this stainless steel pen is precision-machined, enclosed in a 120mm sheath with Metric ruler markings. Its high tolerances create a pneumatic seal when sliding the pen in and out.
BUY | $128

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The all-new On Cloudsurfer 7 is the latest model of this best-selling running shoe, featuring new CloudTec Phase midsole technology. The tech enhances cushioning and provides a smoother heel-to-transition for softer landings. The upper is dope-dyed and made from 100% recycled materials, reducing water usage, while thin rubber pads on the outsole offer better traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The shoe weighs only 245 grams, reducing foot fatigue, and the dual-la...
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The Pro Roller X200 is a hardworking mobile studio-with a few inventive surprises built into its modern design. Airport-friendly and super-secure, it holds a notebook, and is filled with refined yet practical features, such as the Reserve Pack-a camera backpack that zips out of the hard case when a photographer needs to downsize. A zippered front panel secures the hard case for check-in or storage while the Reserve Pack is in use. The exclusive Lock and Go System fe...
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Made in California by Civilware, the Striker Fixed Blade was inspired by the hand-made knives of legendary houndsmen Ben Lilly, a notorious big game hunter famous for hunting down large numbers of grizzly, cougars and black bears. The Striker comes with a 4 inch blade made from AEB-L steel, a material known for its corrosion resistance, edge retention, and ease of sharpening. It also features a beautiful Micarta handle that was blasted for more texture and better gr...
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