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Hoto Air Pump Pro

The new Hoto Air Pump Pro is your compact solution for keeping tires properly inflated on and off the trail. With an impressive 85% increase in efficiency compared to its predecessor, this 12V pump motor can inflate a flat car tire in just 5 minutes.

Experience convenience with one press as the Hoto Air Pump Pro offers four built-in presets: Car Mode (2.5 bar), Motorcycle Mode (2.4 bar), Bicycle Mode (45 psi), and Ball Mode (8 psi). Achieve professional precision with 1 psi accuracy in pressure readings, displayed in kPa, psi, and bar.

The enhanced battery life, featuring three 2500mAh lithium batteries, allows inflation of up to 15 under-inflated tires on a single charge. Worried about overinflation? The Hoto Air Pump Pro automatically stops when the desired pressure is reached.

Enjoy versatile accessories, improved LED lighting, enhanced ventilation, a soft rubber handle, and a quick nozzle connection with a 70cm hose length for larger tires. Compact, portable, and efficient - the Hoto Air Pump Pro is your worry-free inflation companion.

Preorder now at Hoto Tools with a special price of $99.99 $119.99

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