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Hoto Cordless Brushless Drill

The Hoto Cordless Brushless Drill is an award winning, powerful, user-friendly tool designed for home use. With a simple button switch, effortlessly toggle between drill and screwdriver modes. Enjoy precise control with 30 adjustable torque levels and real-time feedback on the HD LED display. The brushless motor ensures stability with 30nm torque and 1400rpm rotation. Its sleek, scratch-resistant design adds a modern touch. The kit includes 18 PCS of S2 steel bits for versatility. Stay powered up with the 2000mAh lithium battery and convenient USB-C charging. Upgrade your DIY projects with the Hoto Cordless Brushless Drill for efficient performance.

Grab one directly from Hoto, or from Amazon

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Thom Sweeney Interior
Tropicfeel Interior
Carol Bike Interior
Vindome Interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
Wellen Interior
London Sock Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Oxford Hill interior
Starry Wi-Fi Station | Image

Starry Wi-Fi Station

Starry Station aims to help and guide internet users making sense of what´s going on with their connection and their subscribed service. It´s an obvious statement that we´re more and more dependent of the internet, it also seems obvious, to most of its users, that sometimes the subscribed service does not totally fulfill what´s been agreed to or subscribed, and we get slower speed rates and downloads become longer, plus you never get what the blinking lights on ...
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The new Fujifilm Instant Camera combines modern day features with classic design cues. The Instax Mini 40 has a vintage film camera look and produces nostalgic credit card-sized prints with their Instax Mini film. The cool camera also features a retractable 35mm lens and an automatic exposure function for low light environments, a built-in selfie lens, auto shutter speed, plus a built-in flash. Grab it from Amazon or from Adorama ...
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Combar FoldaXe Multitool | Image

Combar FoldaXe Multitool

Aclim8 has released the new Combar FoldaXe, a powerful yet streamlined outdoor multitool for chopping, splitting, and hammering. It combines timeless tools with cutting-edge technology to create a first-of-its-kind folding axe and hammer. The FoldaXe is designed for outdoor adventures including: off-roading & overlanding, adventure motor biking, camping, fishing, hunting, backpacking, and bush crafting, as well as emergency preparedness and survival. ...
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