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Hoto Cordless Brushless Drill

The Hoto Cordless Brushless Drill is an award winning, powerful, user-friendly tool designed for home use. With a simple button switch, effortlessly toggle between drill and screwdriver modes. Enjoy precise control with 30 adjustable torque levels and real-time feedback on the HD LED display. The brushless motor ensures stability with 30nm torque and 1400rpm rotation. Its sleek, scratch-resistant design adds a modern touch. The kit includes 18 PCS of S2 steel bits for versatility. Stay powered up with the 2000mAh lithium battery and convenient USB-C charging. Upgrade your DIY projects with the Hoto Cordless Brushless Drill for efficient performance.

Grab one directly from Hoto, or from Amazon

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PLAYER | Image


Do you know how to scratch a guitar? Would you like to quickly play the tune that you´re always humming around? If that´s the case you might want to check out Player from Jamn. Choose a song from your library, open up player, in the app, and, as the song plays, you can see the chords and keys that are playing in realtime, allowing you to quickly visualize it as a guitar, or a keyboard. Hear music like the musicians do, seeing the melodies that are being executed. ...
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The Tactica F.100 is an EDC flashlight that doubles as a portable power bank. Built from the ground up for your next adventure, the versatile and powerful flashlight offers multiple lighting modes, ranging from 1-lumen moonlight mode to an impressive 1000 lumens in turbo mode. The rechargeable battery doubles as a power bank so you can easily charge your phone and stay connected on the go, wherever you are. It is also equipped with a USB-C port, a magnetic mounting ...
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JABRA SPEAK 510 | Image


With workforces becoming more distributed to satellite offices, home offices, client locations, technology needs to adapt. The new Jabra Speak 510 takes audio conferencing to a new level, with this red dot design award winning device you can turn any room into a conference room. The unique portable speakerphone is enhanced with Bluetooth, enabling you to connect it to your phone, headset and tablet, giving you unlimited mobility. It has outstanding sound quality and...
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