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Kronaby Apex Connected Watch

Swedish watch brand Kronaby design beautiful and connected watches with smartwatch functionality that can handle both iOS and Android. Their gorgeous Apex Watch is an hybrid timepiece for anyone who values stylish design and premium materials over extensive, and often useless, smart functionality. For starters the watch is powered by a regular battery, meaning you should get a life of about two years (depending on use), another great feature is that you choose which functions you actually want to use. You can filter alerts from a specific list, this way your watch will only inform you of what really matters. It features an alarm, automatically changes the time zone when traveling, tracks your physical activities, works as a remote for your smartphone camera, controls your music, has a decline call button, a button that reveals your phone’s whereabout, and is capable of sending an emergency signal to a friend letting them respond and follow your every step.

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National Geographic Guide Series is the latest add-on to the travel bags market, it´s the result of the partnership between American bag makers Eagle Creek and the - no need for introduction - National Geographic. The bags they came up with are the result of the input of their travelers or more likely adventurers that emphasized the need for carrying comfort that should also ensure quick easy access to the bags´ contents. With that in mind Eagle Creek came up with s...
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Westerlind is the interaction between technical outdoor gear and a style-minded boutique, their clothing combines forward-thinking design, functionality and style. Their climbing collection introduces a modest line of unisex apparel celebrating the pioneers of mountaineering. Their Climbing Jumpsuit harks back on the pioneers of rock climbing, it is constructed with cotton ripstop fabric with gussets for added mobility. Lightweight and prewashed, these pieces can ea...
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The Transit Hoodie from Olivers | Image

The Transit Hoodie from Olivers

A plush hoodie for life in transition. Think of it as your before and after. Your warmup and cooldown, with a softness tailored to your liking. The Transit Hoodie is made with the odor resistant, temperature regulating, washable Transit Merino Fleece, and features two side zip pockets for secure-carry...
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