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Ystudio Fountain Pens

Ystudio is from Taiwan and was founded in 2012. They explore vanishing cultures and devote themselves to linking past memories with modern life, making fine artifacts for whoever is serious with their life. 

Their new collection, a set of four fountain pens, was created to motivate the user to "put the pen to paper” more often. They want their users to "reflect and look back” every once in a while, e.g. write a card or put their emotions on paper, believing it helps the mind become more relaxed.

The body´s of the fountain pens are made from copper or brass and come in a desk or portable version. The Brassing versions are sprayed with a black coating which wears off over a long period of time. The traditional fountain pen was carried by a clip, but nowadays people may not wear a shirt or suit everyday. Through Ystudios unique design the pen can be carried everywhere. 

Head over to the Kohezi website for more details on the beautiful collection.


Our thanks to Kohezi for sponsoring the site this week. This article was written by the BTS team and not influenced in any way.

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