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June 2023 Editors Picks

Discover distinctive gifts and delve into emerging fashions with our curated collection, Editors Picks. Our team of experts navigates you through essential items for the month, including travel essentials, fashionable attire, adventure gear, cutting-edge technology, and everyday carry accessories. We tirelessly search for the newest and most remarkable products in the market. Explore our top choices for this month, complete with comprehensive details below.

With self-moving pieces, real-time coaching, and online play, it takes chess to a whole new level. The sleek design reflects your opponents moves in real-time, while automatic game setup and quick puzzles enhance your experience. AI-powered coaching suggests optimal moves, and you can connect with players worldwide through popular chess platforms. The dedicated GoChess app offers puzzle solving, game reviews, and live streaming. Record your games, receive real-time analysis, and track your progress.
BUY | $199+

Meet the worlds longest range e-bike. Designed to replace cars, the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 offer exceptional performance, comfort, and style. With the all-new Valeo motor and predictive gear shifting, these e-bikes provide a unique riding experience. The Flluid-2 boasts a 225-mile range with two removable battery packs, while the Flluid-3 offers a 110-mile range. Use the FUELL Rider app for remote locking/unlocking and access to usage data.
BUY | $4,199+

Introducing BOLD-2, the game-changing power bank that charges six devices simultaneously with 290W. Its sleek aluminum body ensures durability and heat dissipation. With 4x USB-C ports, 2x wireless charging pads, and MagSafe compatibility, its perfect for remote work and leisure.
BUY | $159+

Designed to enhance safety for e-bike riders, this innovative helmet combines elements of cycling and motorcycle helmets. It features an integrated chin guard, a flip-up visor, and a lightweight polycarbonate shell that offers breathability. Equipped with the Mips system, it reduces the risk of head injuries. The helmet is further enhanced with a removable magnetic LED tail light that functions as a brake light, thanks to its integrated accelerometer.
BUY | $99+

Introducing the Norda 001 trail shoes, designed with eco-friendly materials for a minimal environmental impact. Crafted from a proprietary lightweight and durable bio-based Dyneema and Cordura fabric, these shoes prioritize sustainability without compromising performance. The custom midsole absorbs impact, while the custom insole maximizes energy absorption and return.
BUY | $285

The 2023 release of Echo Buds are the true wireless Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds with Alexa. These compact earbuds offer rich, balanced sound with 12mm drivers and crystal-clear communication with dual microphones. Enjoy up to 5 hours of music playback (6 hours without wake word) and a total of 20 hours with the charging case. With multipoint pairing, seamlessly switch between two devices. These sweat-resistant, semi-in-ear earbuds are designed for your active lifestyle.

Discover PasswordPocket, the ultimate password manager that balances security and convenience flawlessly. The unique offline device securely stores up to 1,000 passwords and effortlessly autofills them with a single click. Enhance your account security with PasswordPockets ability to generate strong and intricate passwords.
BUY | $47+

Introducing the Flashlight Duo, the ultimate lighting companion. With easy control and 13 pre-set modes, it adapts to your needs effortlessly. Switch from main light to sidelight, ambient light, or any other mode with a simple click or rotation. Create the perfect ambience with warm and color light options.

Meet the world´s first lighter designed for inverted use. The versatile Carbon Lite Inverted Lighter is the first in the world to be designed for upright and inverted use, giving you the ability to use it in almost any condition.
BUY | $15

This award-winning pen boasts a unique design that will redefine your writing experience. With its perfectly rounded shape, it effortlessly rests in your hand, making every stroke a pleasure. Unlocking the pen is a breeze, thanks to the innovative magnetic mechanism powered by a robust neodymium magnet. The pen tip is revealed for seamless writing or sketching, and a simple cap shift protects it from harm.
BUY | $108

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New from Matador is the awesome Beast Packable Backpack, a rugged 28L daypack that packs down to the size of a football! The technical pack fits in the palm of your hand, but pops out to be a full size 28 Liter backpack, making it perfect for hikes and ultra-light overnight adventures. It includes gear loops and daisy chains for attaching gear to the outside of the bag, compression straps, hydration pocket, and a hip belt for extra support. ...
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Skinth´s are skinny sheath storage solutions for those who want their EDC(everyday carry) at the ready on their belt or pack. The Skinth pocket seaths are available in various sizes and styles and can organize your gadgets, from notepads, multi-tools, flashlights, pens, pencils, and other small items you would need on your day to day. All of your gear bundled in to one compact, easily accessible package. Several colors are available....
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