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Mantis EDC Tool Pen

This compact powerhouse defies its size, packing four essential tools into a sleek titanium tube. Measuring a mere 3.7 inches in length and weighing a feather-light 0.6 ounces, the Mantis EDC Tool Pen is your go-to companion for versatile functionality.

One end of this ingeniously designed pen conceals a scalpel blade, offering a cutting-edge solution for various tasks. With a simple unscrew, flip, and re-screw motion, transform your Mantis into a personalized X-ACTO knife. The replaceable number 11 scalpel blade ensures a consistently sharp edge, making it a reliable tool for countless applications. Plus, when the blade is safely nestled inside, the pen features a convenient opening for clipping to a keychain or wearing as a necklace – ensuring it's always within arm's reach.

At the opposite end of the tube, discover another reversible bit that adds to the pen's multifunctional prowess. One side boasts a tungsten steel-core window breaker, providing a potential self-defense option. Flip it around, screw it in, and reveal the "eternal pen" – a remarkable feature allowing you to write on virtually any surface, including underwater. 

When all components are securely fastened within the pen body, the tube itself becomes waterproof, offering a discreet storage space for small essentials, such as emergency medication.

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