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Vagabund KTM Freeride E

The Vagabund KTM Freeride E is a customized electric dirt bike created from the 2022 KTM E-CX model. Vagabund has added unique body parts to the bike to make it distinctive. This electric bike comes with a brushless 18 kW synchronous motor and WP XPLOR suspension on both the front and rear ends, providing excellent off-road mobility, agility, and dynamism. The Vagabund KTM Freeride E is an all-rounder, perfect for pure fun on any terrain. It features a single-speed automatic transmission, a torque of 42 Nm, and a rated output of 9kW at 4500 rpm. The bike is equipped with a lithium-ion KTM PowerPack with a rated voltage of 260 V and an energy content of 3.9 kWh. It has a maximum power output of 18kW at 5000 rpm and takes only 1.3 hours to charge. To handle tough conditions, the bike is liquid-cooled.

Although this one-off build is presently for sale on Vagabunds website, series production is feasible because many of the parts are 3D-printed. Vagabund has a reputation for creating custom-made components for everything from Porsches to fully customized motorcycles. This electric bike is a tribute to their creativity and expertise, and its ideal for riders who want to make a statement while having an exhilarating ride on any terrain.

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