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Droog Moto Volcon Brat E-Bike

The Volcon Brat has undergone a remarkable transformation under the skilled hands of Droog, resulting in a unique kit that reimagines both its appearance and performance. While the Brat already boasts a sturdy foundation with its dual-sport design and a potent 750 W motor capable of reaching speeds up to 28 mph and covering distances of around 70 miles on a single charge, Droog Moto set out to elevate both its visual appeal and functionality. They introduced enhancements such as upgraded Allscape tires for improved traction and Magura´s MT7E disc brakes, complete with integrated taillights and motor cutoff capabilities.

In the quest for a smoother and more enjoyable ride, DNM Suspension stepped in with custom-designed forks and a rear shock that provide increased travel and adjustability. Droog Moto´s iconic design ethos began to take shape with the incorporation of a 3D-printed headlight nacelle crafted from carbon fiber nylon. This distinctive feature is accentuated by LED strips that deliver a captivating animated effect. Additionally, a Diode Dynamics LED was seamlessly integrated to enhance visibility.

Droog Moto also turned its focus toward the bike´s bodywork, resulting in the creation of a faux fuel tank meticulously crafted from a combination of hand-shaped aluminum and 3D-printed components. This is complemented by a 3D-printed subframe replacement. The incorporation of a suede seat not only adds a touch of style but also prioritizes rider comfort. This design philosophy extends further to include the addition of 3D-printed wheel s and a CNC-cut aluminum "molle" plate positioned beneath the seat, providing a versatile platform for accessory attachment.

Enthusiasts seeking the customized Volcon Brat by Droog Moto can either opt for an individualized creation or choose the kit option tailored for existing Brat owners. By infusing Droog Moto´s distinct post-apocalyptic design sensibilities with an array of functional enhancements, the Volcon Brat emerges as a robust and visually captivating electric bike, promising an exceptional blend of performance and aesthetics.

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