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iKamper BDV Roof Top Tent

Although iKamper is a relative newcomer to the overland market, it has progressively built a strong reputation for developing unique and imaginative solutions. The Blue Dot Voyager (BDV) rooftop tent is available as a Solo ($3,199) or a Duo ($3,699), both of which can be bought assembled or as a DIY kit, with accompanying cost savings. Two gas struts help the BDV wedge tent open, which has a low profile and is lightweight. The roof of the tent can accommodate 100 pounds of gear thanks to these gas struts, and it also boasts a convenient accessory rail system. The roomy tent has a high-density poly foam mattress, integrated back awning, and huge windows with bug netting.

With the help of the accessory rail system, awnings, traction boards, spades, and other tools can be mounted. Additionally, the accessory rail enables the installation of the independent ladder on any three tent sides. A whole line of compatible accessories from iKamper, including solar panels, storage containers, axes, and more, will be available in 2023. watch the video below

ikamper-bdv-roof-top-tent-1.jpg | Image

ikamper-bdv-roof-top-tent-2.jpg | Image

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