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Coboc E-Bike

Coboc E-Bike is entering an ultra competitive market segment thatís always on the prowl for the most innovative and valuable proposal, so with that in mind, the German company designed and developed a super e-bike that combines the most recent technology with the well known German build quality and engineering. The Coboc E-Bike uses composite materials such as carbon fiber to ensure ultra lightweight (under 13,5 kg Ė batteries included), resilience, and a seamless technology that integrates all of its components into its frame thus enhancing design, reducing wind coefficient, optimizing speed and ride quality. It features a high torque 250W brushless motor that will enable you to face the steepest urban ride without breaking a sweat and will get you as far as 50 miles with a full recharge time just shy of 2 hours. Available in several styles, and three different sizes, this bike is aimed at those who look for a high standard item and we assure you that you wonít be disappointed.

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Huckberry Interior
ECD Range Rover Classic | Image

ECD Range Rover Classic

Florida-based workshop ECD Automotive Design (formerly East Coast Defender) have been working their magic on Land Rovers, restoring and modifying several British off-roaders over the years. Now ECD have added Range Rovers to their repertoire, and you can now custom order a restored Range Rover Classic. This pristine example, named "Project Alpha", is now powered by a Corvette 6.2-liter LS3 engine, matted to a six-speed automatic transmission, and is capable of hitti...
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Eagle Spyder GT | Image

Eagle Spyder GT

Eagle Spyder GT is the new breathtaking model by the Sussex based company Eagle. As with all other Eagle models, the base for this masterpiece is the iconic E-Type Jaguar, one of the most beautiful cars ever to be made. All Eagle models undergo serious rebuilding procedures (takes 4,000 hours to build), every car is disassembled and then reassembled with loads of upgrading features and XXIst century high quality procedures. Among its numerous innovations you get an ...
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Porsche Singer DLS Goodwood | Image

Porsche Singer DLS Goodwood

Singer Vehicle Design are dedicated to the passionate study, preservation and optimization of the iconic Porsche 911. Their latest masterpiece is the Porsche Singer DLS Goodwood, the final result of some serious thought and engineering put in the optimization of the most iconic model in automotive industry. So the result is you get a whopping 500 HP, air cooled at the back, on a lightweight body with carbon fiber everywhere plus top notch metals such as magnesium, t...
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