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Renault 4EVER Trophy

Even 30 years after its discontinuation, the Renault 4 continues to be adored by many people. Thanks in large part to the 4L Trophy solidarity race, even among young generations. The Renault 4EVER Trophy has been unveiled at this years Paris Motor Show as a surprise from Renault. After the Renault 5, this is the companys second revival of a classic model using electric power.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 4L Trophy humanitarian rally, the tough, adventure-ready Renault 4EVER Trophy has been unveiled, paving the way for the future all-electric B segment SUV.  The design is delightfully retro, with stylistic similarities to its 4L predecessor seen on a muscular exterior. The key characteristics of the original automobile have been restored, such as a silhouette that is easily recognizable thanks to the prominent bonnet, bumper, and distinctively angled rear. The bare sides and wings that entirely enclose the wheel arches contrast elegantly with the precisely chiseled illuminated grille with circular Matrix LED headlamps.

A spare wheel on a carbon roof rack, a shovel and waffle boards on the hatchback, the Gunmetal Silver Aluminium body with magenta hints, high clearance, 753 mm wheels on 19-inch rims, massive bodywork shields and heavy-duty rocker panel housing the battery are designed for tough terrain, and highlight Renault 4EVER Trophy’s off-road character.

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