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Land Rover Defender Works V8 Trophy II

After introducing the awesome Defender Works V8 Trophy, an SUV that made history in the legendary Land Rover Camel Trophy, the Land Rover classics division has just announced a new limited edition that celebrates the iconic vehicles off-road heritage. Celebrating more than 70 years of exploration and adventure, the Land Rover Defender Works V8 Trophy II is a fully-restored model brought up to modern standards of power and civility. Finished in a unique camouflage that symbolises the 23 locations across the world where Land Rover has made history over its 70 years, the mighty SUV is powered by a 400 hp 5.0L V8 with upgraded brakes and an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. Other details include a full-width LED light bar, satin black hood, Recaro Windsor Leather sport seats, and recovery winch.

It should also be noted that customers who come to purchase one of these 25 beauties (proposed in both the short 90 and long 110 Station Wagon versions) will also receive an invitation to participate in an exclusive three-day Trophy competition that will be organized by Land Rover Classic. watch the video below

land-rover-defender-works-v8-trophy-ii-2.jpg | Image

land-rover-defender-works-v8-trophy-ii-3.jpg | Image

land-rover-defender-works-v8-trophy-ii-4.jpg | Image

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