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Defender Works V8 Trophy

Following the strategy of recovering emblematic models from the past, the Land Rover classics division has just announced the production of 25 units of the Defender Works V8 Trophy, an SUV that made history in the legendary Land Rover Camel Trophy.

Based on the Defender Works V8 models from 2012-2016, the re-engineered vehicle will have a 405 hp V5 5.0 atmospheric petrol engine, an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission, reinforced brakes and a behavior maximization kit. An extensive series of adjustments are also being made specifically for off-road use. They will also come equipped with LED headlamps, a Heritage front grille, Land Rover Trophy badging, a black Windsor leather interior, a front winch, multi-point expedition cage, roof rack, underbody protection, A-bar, raised air intake, LED spotlights, and mud-terrain tires. Proposed in both the short (90) and long (110 Station Wagon) versions, all units will also feature an exclusive Eastnor Yellow finish, with Narvik Black details and high-strength steel rims, in matching yellow.

It should also be noted that customers who come to purchase one of these 25 beauties will also receive an invitation to participate in an exclusive three-day adventure at Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire, United Kingdom. Considered the spiritual home of Land Rovers testing and development.

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Huckberry Interior
2014 LUCRA L148 | Image

2014 LUCRA L148

US car manufacturer Lucra has revealed first details on their all-new L148 supercar. The super aerodynamic L148 features a one piece carbon fiber body and is powered by a 4.7 liter LS7 V8 engine, spitting out approximately 700hp and capable of accelerating from 0-60 time in around 2.5 seconds. The Lucra L148 is expected to make it’s first public debut in Spring 2014, no official price has been been announced as yet....
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Daryl Villanueva from Bandit9 has rolled out another supreme custom motorcycle from his workshop in Beijing, China. His latest masterpiece is the custom built "Bishop", a minimalist ride based on a Honda Supersport. It features an high-grade steel unibody that contrasts beautifully with the wood burl side panels, a custom gas cap, a sand-casted swingarm, aluminum indicators and custom brake light. The bespoke "Bishop” is limited to nine units only. watch the video...
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The new bike by Rungu is the first all fat-tire bullfrog trike. The bike features three huge, soft tires allowing it to "float" over snow and sand, in fact the company states that this system improves floating over these surfaces by 50% compared to regular fat bikes. The Trike is perfect for transporting surfboards across the sand or pulling stuff across the snow, it can also reportedly climb up short flights of steps with ease and overcome obstacles up to 6” tall...
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