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Everrati Electric Land Rover Series IIA

British electric conversion specialist Everrati first caught our attention with their revival of one of history’s most iconic sports cars, the legendary Ford GT40. Now the team are electrifying one of the world’s most iconic off road vehicles - the Land Rover Series IIA. Everrati will redefine this undisputed icon from a 60s utilitarian vehicle into a beautiful, zero emissions vehicle, suitable for the twenty first century. Restored to the highest level by Land Rover specialists, each vehicle will come equipped with a 60kWh battery pack with advanced battery management and temperature control, power steering and regenerative braking, leather seats, and black steel wheels. You can now order with right and left-hand drive models available, and with several custom options to choose from.

everrati-electric-land-rover-series-iia-2.jpg | Image

everrati-electric-land-rover-series-iia-3.jpg | Image

everrati-electric-land-rover-series-iia-4.jpg | Image

Nomos Glashutte Interior
Huckberry Interior
DB Journey Interior
Montegrappa Interior
Johann Wolff Interior
Kilgour Interior
Tropicfeel Interior
The Urban Society Interior
Oxford Hill interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
London Sock Interior


If you take your furry friend along with you when travelling you might consider protecting your loose dog with one of these crash tested and approved Variocages. With a fully approved SPCT test, Variocage is considered to be the safest dog cage on the market, it was designed with telescoping poles and crumple zones, so the crate takes the impact of an accident, not you or your dog! The size of the cage is adjustable in depth to fit the size of your trunk. watch the ...
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Fern is a small touring bicycle and component manufacturer based in Berlin - Germany. It was founded by two traveling cyclists/design graduates – Flo and Phillip – who after thousands of miles on the road together wanted to put their touring experience into making their own practical and beautiful bikes for fellow travelers. Fern was born out of friendship, a shared lust for adventure, and curiosity. For their latest build, they have taken a winning formula (as ...
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Mustang STL1 Restomod | Image

Mustang STL1 Restomod

Crafted by Milan-based design studio BorromeodeSilva, this rugged yet refined vehicle pays homage to the legendary American muscle car while adding a modern twist. Featuring a brand new 1006 automotive grade steel body the impressive Mustang STL1 restomod boasts a sleek silhouette with a fold-top construction for easy capacity adjustment. Equipped with upgraded suspension and a powerful 5.0-liter Road Runner Coyote V8 engine, the STL1 delivers unparalleled performan...
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