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The Konstantin Beta Sit-on Toy | By Nika Zupanc

We feature this here not only because it would be an awesome toy for your kids, also because of it´s clean and beautiful design. Even if you don´t have kids this would still look great sitting arround your living room. Designed by the effusive and inventive Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc, the toy is a very limited edition, only 7 editions will ever be made.

img_konstantin_sit_on_toy_2.jpg | Image

img_konstantin_sit_on_toy_3.jpg | Image

img_konstantin_sit_on_toy_4.jpg | Image

Vindome Interior
London Sock Interior
tropicfeel Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Flint and Tinder Interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
Cariuma Interior
Helinox Chair Zero High-Back | Image

Helinox Chair Zero High-Back

Helinox has introduced a new ultralight camp chair just in time for summer. The Helinox Chair Zero High-Back is designed to minimize weight and maximize comfort, it features a taller, stronger back to enhance neck and shoulder comfort, giving you that delicious armchair feel at the end of a long day. And weighing only 1 lb 8 oz, it has unrivaled lightweight packability that makes it comfortable to carry and a new essential to backpacking and any adventure....
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Located in the English countryside, the Quest House is a spectacular minimalist residence designed by Strom Architects. Built in a picturesque wooded site near the coastal town of Swanage in Dorset, the single-storey residence cantilevers over the retaining wall to protect a sunken parking spot for the owners´ vintage Aston Martin DBS 1968. The concrete structure is beautifully in-filled with simple timber dry-lining, leaving the concrete frame visible externa...
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If you are a keen gardener this one is for you, the Gardener Folding Chair with Tools features a 5 popular garden tools, detachable storage section(tote) and a folding seat. The seat is made of polyester canvas and the tools are of steel with wooden handles. The chair sits 17" high....
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