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Shuffleboard Table | By District Mfg

Constructed from reclaimed oak, this beautiful Shuffleboard by District MFG features a unique playing surface and is custom manufactured one at a time. The structure is made from a single welded frame constructed from high strength steel and with an aged bronze finish, the gutters have a sleek hand-stitched leather base. 8 pucks and silicone beads are included. watch the video

Available from District MFG or from Restoration Hardware

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Vinovest interior
Nixon Interior
Cariuma Interior
Floyd Interior
IA HOUSE | Image


IA House is the perfect bachelor pad, a 60-square-meter crib strategically placed in a picturesque setting, raised atop a green cliff in Chile’s coastal village of Quintay, with spectacular panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Designed by Santiago-based Joannon Architects, the elevated home features a beautiful minimal decor, and has an open-plan dining, kitchen, and living room area that opens up to a triangular outdoor deck that is perfect for entertaining gues...
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After going viral back in 2017, the Starburst House is now available for purchase. The unique residence in Joshua Tree was visualised by London-based Whitaker Studio, and is made with a cluster of shipping containers. Set in an area of ​​36 hectares, on top of the vast mountain landscape of California, this impressive 200sqm residence conglomerates several containers, forming an absolutely unbelievable star-shaped exoskeleton. The set of containers assum...
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Living Vehicle is a mobile home option that’s been carefully thought of and beautifully designed to make the most of its interior space. Inside of it you’ll find a small kitchen with all of the modern appliances, a living area, a bedroom and a bath. The structure is supported by sturdy aluminum tubes that ensure strength and lightweight, the outside is from the same noble material which contributes for a great look and has a vintage style that reminds of the 50...
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