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Lego Pac-Man Arcade

Lego has introduced a nostalgic tribute to the iconic 1980s arcade game. In collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., LEGO has unveiled a premium set that captures the essence of the original Pac-Man experience. With 2,650 meticulously designed pieces, this set brings the classic arcade cabinet to life. It features an illuminating coin-slot, a four-way joystick, and a mechanical chase mechanism. Turn the crank on the side to navigate the characters through the maze. The set also includes a diorama of a figurine playing a mini arcade cabinet. Atop the cabinet, youll find rotating versions of Pac-Man and the ghosts Blinky and Clyde. Relive the magic of Pac-Man with this remarkable LEGO creation that pays homage to a beloved pop-culture icon.

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Vindome Interior
London Sock Interior
Oakywood Interior
tropicfeel Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Flint and Tinder Interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
Cariuma Interior
Dango EDC Trays | Image

Dango EDC Trays

The Dango EDC Trays, are the perfect solution to keep your everyday carry items organized and protected in one convenient space. Made in the USA from a solid piece of aluminum, the EDC trays feature different-sized cavities to store and complement items like wallets, keys, coins, headphones, and more. The anti-slip rubber footing keeps the tray securely in place. The EDC tray also comes with a removable layer of DTEX pads for added protection. Its meticulous craftsm...
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Nokken NKN-18 Cabin | Image

Nokken NKN-18 Cabin

Nokken introduces the NKN-18, a revolutionary 18 sqm (194 sqft) cabin, offering versatility with customizable options and accessories. Designed for various configurations and co-branded bespoke designs, it's a plug-and-play solution for diverse needs. The exterior is robust, functional, and adaptable, thriving in extreme climates. The cabins boast Timber cladding, insulated wall build-up, triple-glazed aluclad panels, and a smart lock keyless entry. ...
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The Stargaze Recliner Chair by NEMO is just the thing to get if you like to sit down, kick back, and hang looking at whatever’s going on above you. It’s something between a classic hammock and a canvas chair, it’s built tough, and will hold up to 300 lbs. It is made from water resistant stretch nylon fabric and aviation grade metal used for the poles that sustain it, keeping it steady even on rocky or sandy surfaces. It’s also reasonably light, around 6 poun...
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