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BikeBlock was created for urban bike users that want to store their precious ride inside their apartment, but there never seems to be a stand that would look good enough for it... with that in mind Danish company Urbanature developed this minimalist industrial piece with an ultra modern concrete look, allowing you to showcase your prized possession, giving it a deserved place of honor in your apartment. BikeBlock keeps your wheels standing because of its considerable weight (18kg), and will prevent it from falling or tipping over. Its modern look will make it blend nicely in any urban apartment, it also features a soft leather finish on the base, so you donīt scratch your floor. You may use it for 24” to 26” wheels, with large or thin tires. Keep you bike nearby and in style with this contemporary stand.

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Click & Grow is like having your own personal gardener. The gardening pot has an electronic system and is able to automatically dose water, nutrients and air according to the plants needs. It very much works like a printer, you can remove the old plant cartridge and add new a one. Instead of printing, the flowerpot will start to grow a new plant! All you have to do is add batteries & water, the sensors, software and processor will take care of the rest. Vari...
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We love a simple clever idea, Ring Soap is a ring shaped bar of soap that stays dry by hanging on a peg! The minimalist creation is by designer Sebastian Bergne, he was asked by a German brand to design a soap dish, and after much thought, he decided to redesign the soap instead. Ring Soap hangs on its peg and is always ready to use, remaining dry and therefore being consumed more slowly. And, it becomes a graphic element on the wall of your kitchen or bathroom. Cur...
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At first glance the Float Table looks like an ordinary coffee table, but it isnīt, the original table designed by RPR (Rock Paper Robot), elastically deforms and stabilizes when force is applied. The levitating wooden cubes are held with a system of tensile steel cables and when pushed reveal the tableīs dynamic character. Check out the video and see the table in action. via...
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