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Nemo Stargaze Recliner Chair

The Stargaze Recliner Chair by NEMO is just the thing to get if you like to sit down, kick back, and hang looking at whateverís going on above you. Itís something between a classic hammock and a canvas chair, itís built tough, and will hold up to 300 lbs. It is made from water resistant stretch nylon fabric and aviation grade metal used for the poles that sustain it, keeping it steady even on rocky or sandy surfaces. Itís also reasonably light, around 6 pounds which makes it portable enough to go in your car boot or camper. The Stargaze Recliner Chair also has some quite interesting comfort features such as an adjustable pillow, a nice headrest, a sleeve for holding a book, and even a handy bottle/cup holder.

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Taylor Stitch
Briston watches
Huckberry Interior


Seems like the latest tech developments are affecting furniture design. The Flatmate Secretary was conceived by Michael Hilgers for Magazin, it is only 5" deep, but when the top is folded out it has a workspace of 28" wide by 16.5" deep. With many using their phones or tablets as computers, this looks like a more than adequate work desk for a small studio or office....
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Double-Barrel Paintball Pistol | Image

Double-Barrel Paintball Pistol

Goblin Deuce is the worldís first double-barrel, air cartridge paintball pistol, ideal for whenever you might need a couple of covert back-up shots. The Deuce features a rear loaded design similar to that of a real double barreled shotgun, and incorporates a unique double firing-pin action system, that allows you to fire each barrel separately, or both at the same time for maximum fire power. Each set comes with two air cartridges, a four barrel sizer kit, a fitting...
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Less is more, MOS Office translated into architecture all the simplicity of a landscape with trees, rocks and a huge frozen lake. Built on the icy waters of Lake Huron, in Pointe au Baril city in Ontario, Canada, is the Floating House, it demands more pictures than words. Made entirely of wood - as a continuation of the deck that connects to the nearby cliff - the residence floats on a steel frame sized to guarantee stability in the different water levels....
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