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Y-grinder | By Joseph Joseph

Another cool salt & pepper grinder to add to our collection... Y-Grinder by Joseph Joseph is a distinctive and stylish salt and pepper mill. It features a unique twin-chamber design allowing both salt and pepper to be dispensed from the same unit. Hold the body of the mill in one hand and twist either of the two grinding knobs to release salt or pepper. Suitable for grinding all types of seasoning, including rock salt, it can be easily adjusted to grind from coarse to fine grain.

y-grinder-joseph-joseph-2.jpg | Image

y-grinder-joseph-joseph-3.jpg | Image

y-grinder-joseph-joseph-4.jpg | Image

y-grinder-joseph-joseph-5.jpg | Image

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Hawk Crawler Multi-Use Cart | Image

Hawk Crawler Multi-Use Cart

The functional Hawk Crawler Cart brings an amazing level of strength, stability, and versatility, making it perfect for moving game, bait, gear, firewood or other heavy loads up to 500 lbs. The multi-purpose cart has dual rotating axles that enable it to flex and adapt to the terrain like off-road vehicles do, letting you pull heavy loads over stumps, logs, rocks or anything in your way, as well as four all-terrain tires that provide incredible traction even in mudd...
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Solo Stove has introduced a tabletop version of its popular fire pit. Weighing just 1.4 pounds, the Mesa Tabletop Firepit comes with an included pellet adapter that gives you the choice to burn with pellets or any fuel on hand. Simply place your fuel inside and light your firestarter to enjoy a warm smokeless fire in just a couple of minutes. The mini firepit features Solo Stove’s signature 360-degree airflow technology, a pit stand, and is available in a choice o...
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Paperpan 3D Paper Art | Image

Paperpan 3D Paper Art

Paperpan is an Istanbul-based Paper artist that creates gorgeous animal, insect and bird designs made out of cleverly folded colorful paper. This edgy and minimal paper art brings whimsical fun to the third dimension by capturing everything from animals to insects on paper, by paper. Amongst his amazing origami-style designs are a deer, a tiger, a zebra, butterflies, bees and several species of birds, including parrots, macaws and toucans, just to name a few. The ha...
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