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Zen Work Pod

If you have ever wanted to ditch the commute and work from home but the site of the kitchen table day in day out doesn´t appeal, or you have a hard time separating work and play, you might need a dedicated space where you can go to feel separated from the house and focus on the work at hand. Designed by Autonomous, the Zen Work Pod is a seven by ten, single-worker unit with floor-to-ceiling windows and a sleek, contemporary design aesthetic. Designed to minimize distractions working from home, this tiny backyard office comes with built-in shelves, drawers, two dual plug outlets, an Autonomous SmartDesk, and a Autonomous Kinn Chair. Buyers can expect delivery in two to four days and setup service in less than 72 hours after delivery. The Zen Work Pods are now available for pre-order with amazing discounts.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Set amongst the eucalyptus on an island off the southern coast of Tasmania, this spectacular tiny cabin is an escape from the high stress of the owner´s busy work life. Designed by Maguire + Devine Architects, the minimalist cabin is completely off-grid, it collects its own rainwater (storage tanks are underground for an uncluttered look) and the roof sports solar panels. Inside, all furniture has been built into the design. The cabin opens onto both an east and wes...
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The Cube Fire Pit by Hofats, is a great solution for entertaining in your backyard, a sleek stainless steel fire basket that not only looks good, it is said to be extremely safe, thanks to a special design that keeps the firebowl always in balance by means of gravity. If you want to extinguish the fire, simply flip it around and the fire goes out. The Cube also has a matching cooking grate, and a beautiful Oak board for when not in use, allowing it to double as a st...
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3D Historic Topographic Maps | Image

3D Historic Topographic Maps

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Scott Reinhard combines contemporary land elevations with vintage historic maps to create beautiful three-dimensional environments of a specific region, city, or state. Each design consists of a decades-old topographic layer and a computer generated elevation, complete with shadows. We are loving the attention to detail that has gone into each and every one, and the end result is an image that looks like it is popping off the page. Yo...
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