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If you´ve ever wanted to ditch the commute and work from home but the site of the kitchen table day in day out doesn´t appeal, the Studypod by Livit might be the solution you´re after. The way people work is changing - the cost and inconvenience of commuting to work everyday is increasing, and advances in computer and networking technology are making the viability of working from home a realistic alternative to traveling to an office everyday. Studypod is designed specifically to meet this need. The backyard office pod allows the user to truly focus while drawing inspiration from the surrounding nature as viewed from the floor-to-ceiling glass window. Measuring roughly seven feet in each direction, the detached home office is made from a composite material, and features oak laminate flooring, four downlights, a power socket, black tint hardened glass, and a detatchable desk. The pod can also easily transition from office to yoga studio or even a bedroom.

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Huckberry Fathers Day 2023 interior
Nixon Interior
Vinovest interior
Cariuma Interior
Floyd Interior
Nezumi Interior
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The new Click & Grow 25 is a farmers market in your own home! The self-growing indoor garden has been specifically designed to match perfectly with urban-dweller’s lifestyle, and allows growing substantial amounts of greens for everyday use, all-year-round, with minimal attention required from the user. The home garden takes care of watering, lights and the connected app gives you real time updates and tips on the progress of your plants. It works like a Nespr...
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The Campster 2 is a top-of-the-line foldable camping chair that meets all the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. This adventure chair is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for camping, picnics, beach trips, concerts, sportis events, among other activities. With the easy grab-n-pull system, you can be seated in no time, as it only takes 5 seconds to set up. Additionally, the chair boasts a 1-piece design that can be folded down to the size of a 1.5-liter bottle for ...
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The Circular Calendar is a beautiful and unusual wall calendar designed by German user interface designer Sören Lachnit. The A0 size calendar lets your organize the year clockwise, displaying weekdays, calendar weeks, moon phases, months, and average daylight hours, plus enough space for daily notes. It focuses on the solar and lunar influences on the yearly calendar, the yellow form in the inner of the calendar represents the possible sun hours fifty degrees north...
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