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Goose Motorcycle Tent

Motorcyclists face some challenges when camping, specially because they have very limited carrying capacity. The Goose by Wingman of the Road is the ultimate piece of kit for those on two-wheels with a love of camping, an all-in-one motorcycle camping solution. The unique camping system is designed specifically for you and your motorcycle, and will offer the ultimate in versatile sleeping arrangements. The Goose combines two designs, the traditional motorcycle tent that attaches to the bike, and an Australian-style swag that is typically defined as a one-person tent designed to be carried on walkabouts in the great unknown. The Goose can be set up within five minutes, it is made up of a central sleeping chamber with a verandah awning on one side that attaches to your bike. This allows you to store your gear out of the weather. watch the video below

goose-motorcycle-tent-1.jpg | Image

goose-motorcycle-tent-2.jpg | Image

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