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Shovel Master Handle

Every now and then we feature some great inventions, the "Shovel Master" is a very clever piece of equipment. It´s basically an add-on handle, very easy to install and turs your ordinary shovel into a ergonomic shovel powerhouse. After installing, your shovel has dual handles letting your arms do all the work, this takes away the pain and strain from your back.

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Nomus Glashutte
Floyd Interior
Aer interior


The mtnGLO Collection by Big Agnes is a series of tents and accessories designed to light up your camp and backcountry experience. All tents feature LED lights integrated into the tent body that light up at the click of a button, they are bright enough for you to sort gear, play cards, change clothes, or simply get up in the middle of the night without blinding your tent mate with a bright beam of light. The small switch box works with three AAA batteries and will g...
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BIKE BOX | Image


These stylish cabinets have all the features you need to keep you bike gear neat and organized and a place to showcase and store your prized bike. The Bike Box is available in five versions for varied storage needs, and is built using CDF (Compact Density Fibreboards), which are almost indestructible, moisture resistant and even fire resistant. Each unit also includes pegs and shelves made of hard beech wood, that allow you to sort your things in your own way. The v...
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Anchored on dreamy location along the banks of Lake Union in the heart of Seattle, lays this beautiful modern contemporary floating home designed by Studio Diaa. The stunning house features an airy design that merges indoor and outdoor into one peaceful space, thanks to expansive sliding doors that provide picture perfect views of the water, and a wrap-around deck overlooking the adjacent garden. The exterior walls are clad in dark cedar contrasting beautifully with...
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