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EA64 House

Designed by Taller Estilo Arquitectura, the beautiful EA64 House is a living space located in Mexico, in Merida´s historic center that seeks a dialogue between colonial and contemporary architecture. The unique home seeks to reinterpret the downtown outdoor lifestyle hence the importance of the backyard, its balconies and terraces. Given its antiquity, several spaces were modified to achieve a better functioning suited to the present time, always respecting its historical character. Stucco walls, mostly in a neutral color, create a perfect canvas for artwork and recycled pieces, cement floors give each area character either in a traditional mosaic form or in big surfaces, natural or colored wood give warmth and functionality for the furniture and, aluminum and glass allow to create a close relationship interior-exterior. Illumination, airflow and nature make this living space a place to enjoy.

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IMAX Private Theatre | Image

IMAX Private Theatre

You can now have your own IMAX Private Theatre at home! For a mere $400k IMAX will build you a turn-key home entertainment cinema system, with dual 4K 2D/3D projectors, a proprietary IMAX sound system, a touchscreen remote, and seating for up to 18 people. Got a bit more cash to splash out? IMAX is also offering an even larger, $1 million dollar "Platinum" version with seating for up to 40 people. Both systems come complete with a HD multi-media system, which will a...
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Nostalgia abounds in this vintage edition Monopoly game, featuring rustic wood and classic graphics. Hand-crafted from solid wood, the gorgeous Monopoly Heirloom Edition is made to last several lifetimes. The striking foil-stamped Monopoly gameboard is built into the cabinet and includes a framed center area for rolling dice. The classic set also includes a rich walnut cabinet with a drawer that features a built-in bankers tray and room to store game pieces such as ...
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The word small may be relative, a small house has an awful lot of benefits, from less clutter to the possibility of splurging on higher-quality items you really love. Less space and less stuff also means less cleaning, repairs, and a lighter mental load of household chores. Casa Picasso is a stunning piece of architecture which really makes the most of its small footprint. Designed by Workshop Architects, this stunning 145 m2 private residence located in Méri...
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