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Pure Raindrop | Water Reservoir By Elho

Designed by dutch designer Bas van Der Veer, this genius product makes saving water really easy by providing a watering can that fills up automatically when it rains. The Pure Rain is a rain barrel providind the user free rainwater instead of our precious tap water. With the small tap at the bottom of the barrel, the watering can can be refilled after using it. Brilliant!

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Taylor Stitch


Originally used for sorting mail in the 1930s, this postal desk has been faithfully replicated. It features a large leather work surface and a leather-cushioned swing-out stool that tucks away beneath the desk. All leather details are hand-stained to give a timeworn look. Its  very a distinctive and eminently practical option for the home office....
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Todays roundup features some great gear for the jetsetter in your life, handy stuff for that loved friend or family member who spends most of their days asleep in airports or hotels. We have gathered some original gift ideas for the globetrotter who already has everything....
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Wall-Mounted Kindling Splitter | Image

Wall-Mounted Kindling Splitter

The ingenious Stikkan is a wall-mounted Norwegian wood splitter that mounts on the wall to make instant kindling so you dont have to go outside. The clever hand-tool is used to make kindling easily and safely, simply attach it to a wall beside a wood stove, fireplace or in a wood shed, place the log into one of the bracket notches, and lower the steel cutting wedge to produce a nearly effortless kindling supply. When not in use, an included safety ring slips over t...
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