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Outpost Overland Hammock Stand

Experience the ultimate companion for off-grid adventures and celestial slumber with the Outpost Overland Hammock Stand from Kammok. This ingenious vehicle-mounted hammock stand is a lightweight, compact, and easily adjustable solution for camping in tree-less terrain. Crafted with a robust aluminum frame and steel mount, it effortlessly attaches to nearly any roof rack, granting relaxation wherever your vehicle ventures.

Weighing a mere 22 pounds and folding down to chair-like proportions, the Outpost leaves your cargo with ample space for other camping essentials. Its swift setup requires less than a minute, eliminating the need for tools. When seeking shade, simply drape a tarp over the horizontal crossbar, allowing you to immerse yourself in scenic beauty without the glare of the sun.

Designed to support up to 300 pounds, this stand is an indispensable companion for true hammock enthusiasts, ensuring convenience and comfort throughout your adventures. Embrace weightless slumber and limitless exploration with the Outpost Overland Hammock Standwatch the video below

outpost-overland-hammock-stand-2.jpg | Image

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