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Ilex Studio Avocado Vase

The Avocado Vase by Ilex Studio is a unique blend of sculpture and science that lets you grow your own avocado tree right in your home. Made from premium glass, this vase offers a fascinating glimpse into the intricate root system of avocado plants, shedding light on the hidden world beneath the soil.

With its minimalist design, the Avocado Vase is both functional and elegant, providing the perfect environment for your avocado seed to sprout and thrive. Say goodbye to the hassle of using toothpicks, the vase's innovative design cradles the seed while allowing the roots to grow freely. Simply save an avocado seed, follow the detailed instructions in the included handbook, and watch as your avocado tree comes to life.

ilex-studio-avocado-vase-2.jpg | Image

ilex-studio-avocado-vase-3.jpg | Image

ilex-studio-avocado-vase-4.jpg | Image

ilex-studio-avocado-vase-5.jpg | Image

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