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Helinox + Finisterre High Back Camp Chair

Finisterre has teamed up again with world-leading outdoor furniture brand Helinox to create a lightweight, packable camp chair to accompany your adventures. The High Back Camp Chair boasts a high back for ultimate comfort and support, perfect for those long summer days spent by the river or for taking in the views from the top of a mountain. It is easy to set up and the compact size makes it ideal for backpackers, campers and beach-goers.

The chair is rated to hold up to 320 pounds and is designed with durability in mind, ensuring it will last for many adventures to come. Whether you are exploring the countryside, camping by the lake or simply taking a break in the park, this chair is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, sustainable and packable seat. It also offers side pockets, and a bag that can be turned into a head cushion for comfort.

So why not sit back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors with the Helinox + Finisterre High Back Camp Chair. Invest in a sustainable piece of gear that will last for years to come, and enjoy the comfort and support it provides wherever your adventures may take you.

Grab one from Helinox or from Finisterre

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