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Running out of gift ideas? do you have a friend or family member that is a heavy drinker or wine/cognac/whiskey connoisseur? we rounded up some of our favorite picks from our "drink" section, here are some Drink Fanatic related gifts. Product details after the jump.

1. Hopside Down Beer Glass, $20 Details | Buy

2. Shot Roulette, $12.49 Details | Buy

3. Cognac Glasses | by Normann Copenhagen, 2/$75 Details | Buy

4. Bombs away shot Glasses, $14  Details | Buy

5. Half Full Glass, $15.95 Details | Buy

6. Cubist Martini Set | by Mophie, $69.95 Details | Buy

7. Wine Thermometer Vignon | by Menu , $40 Details | Buy

8.  The Bottle Bucket, $69.95 Details | Buy

9. Beer Leather Holster, $29.95 Details | Buy

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Nomus Glashutte


Handcrafted in Austin, Texas, Barbecue Wife Bloody Mary Mix is a powerful seasoning that does not require you to add a thing, simply add vodka and some ice, and you’ve got a gourmet Bloody Mary at hand. The "junk free” mix is made using fresh, all-natural ingredients that are gluten free, and vegetarian friendly. The result is a smoky, spicy flavor that’ll elevate your Bloody Mary to celebrity-status at your next brunch. Learn more from Barbecue Wife, or p...
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SVANKi Heated Ice Cream Scoop | Image

SVANKi Heated Ice Cream Scoop

SVANKi is a clever solution to an annoying problem - scooping rock hard ice cream! The elegant device heats up electrically and easily scoops through the hardest of ice cream like a hot knife through butter, letting you enjoy perfectly round scoops of ice cream without the struggle. Its available in three stlyish colors, has a wireless charging base and gets 30 mins of run time per charge. watch the video below SVANKi is now available for pre-order at a significa...
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Aarke II Sparkling Water Maker | Image

Aarke II Sparkling Water Maker

Aarke is a beautifully designed stainless steel carbonator that turns normal water from any source into crisp, clean sparkling water with just the pull of a lever. For the latest edition, the Carbonator II got a slew of engineering upgrades for smoother operation, plus deluxe finishes to complement any decor. The compact machine is also a healthy alternative to soda, letting you add different fresh ingredients to flavour the water as well. To use, simply screw the i...
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