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Gift Ideas | For The Drinker

Running out of gift ideas? do you have a friend or family member that is a heavy drinker or wine/cognac/whiskey connoisseur? we rounded up some of our favorite picks from our "drink" section, here are some Drink Fanatic related gifts. Product details after the jump.

1. Hopside Down Beer Glass, $20 Details | Buy

2. Shot Roulette, $12.49 Details | Buy

3. Cognac Glasses | by Normann Copenhagen, 2/$75 Details | Buy

4. Bombs away shot Glasses, $14  Details | Buy

5. Half Full Glass, $15.95 Details | Buy

6. Cubist Martini Set | by Mophie, $69.95 Details | Buy

7. Wine Thermometer Vignon | by Menu , $40 Details | Buy

8.  The Bottle Bucket, $69.95 Details | Buy

9. Beer Leather Holster, $29.95 Details | Buy

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


If you like the outdoors and can´t live without a good cup of coffee, you should check out the Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machine. It is simple, light, elegant and compact, with no battery or electricity needed, making it perfect for carrying while trekking or traveling. The little contraption works like a traditional bicycle pump, you generate a 16-bar pressure, add hot water and coffee, and voilá! a high quality espresso. via...
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Ali: A Life | Image

Ali: A Life

Ali: A Life is the definitive biography of an American icon, a stunning portrait of a man who became a legend. Drawing on interviews with Muhammad Ali’s friends, family, and colleagues, as well as recently discovered recordings from the 1960s and extensive FBI files, New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Eig, tells Ali´s story like never before, looking deep into the personal life of the legendary boxer, his political views, religion, and all his complexity.&n...
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Fun product by Peleg Design, the Zipmark is a bookmark book page holder in the shape of a zipper. This zipper is bound to open your book on the right page! It is available in green, blue or red and comes in a gift box. Great gift idea for this Christmas....
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