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Flying Tent

The awesome Flying Tent is a clever four-in-one concept, which allows you to combine maximum functionality and minimal carry. It is an all-weather hammock that doubles as a bivy tent, can be worn as a rain poncho and then folds into a backpack! The versatile product enters a whole new category of adventure camping, it can hang lazily from the trees, stand up on the ground, and drape over you as a poncho, offering multiple solutions to any problems you might encounter in the wild. The tent or hammock can be fully assembled in seven seconds, and can squeeze down into a small 15-inch-by-13-inch bag that weighs under three pounds. watch the video below

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Base Cabin is a mobile retreat designed to be transported on a trailer, and wheeled into its desired location. The minimalist adventure-ready tiny house on wheels features an angled exterior that is finished with black rubber to create a durable, weatherproof shell that blends into its surrounds. Inside you will find a cosy sleeping space below the A-frame roof with triangular window framing views outwards. There is also a bathroom shower  bathed in light from ...
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ORI Transformable Furniture | Image

ORI Transformable Furniture

As property prices continue to skyrocket, the trend for micro apartments is growing. But living in a itty bitty teeny tiny space can be a challenge. ORI is a sophisticated all-in-one furniture system that makes small urban studio apartments much more flexible and appealing. With a modern design, smooth operation, and effortless control, the ORI Transformable Furniture expands to reveal spacious storage when you want it, a bed, or office space, then contracts to give...
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Prebuilt is one of Australia┬┤s leading modular home manufacturers, they integrate efficient, economical, design-led architecture with modular prefab construction. Whether you are looking for a modest country weekender or a landmark home, each of their prefab homes is architect-designed, built undercover, transported in modules, and put together on site. Prebuilt offers standard home packages as well as full custom homes, working with you to create your perfect abod...
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