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Anymaka Portable Hammock Stand

No more need to hunt for trees. This stable, tree-free hammock stand ensures a secure structure without any hassle, and sets up in a mere 3 seconds! Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum with reinforced joints, the Anymaka Portable Hammock Stand boasts a remarkable weight capacity of 550 pounds and features 8 adjustable points on each arm. 

Whether you want to lie down, sit, or find your perfect resting position, the anymaka portable hammock stand accommodates it all. Compatible with any hammock and suitable for all terrains, it offers a steady hang wherever you go. When not in use, this compact stand folds into a small, portable package, making it an ideal summertime companion for relaxation and unwinding.

Setting it up takes only seconds � just pull its arms open, and it snaps into shape. Hook your hammock onto the arms, and youre ready to relax. The stands eight adjustment points allow for customizable hammock tension, giving you the perfect hang. With a weight of only 23 pounds, its easy to carry and transport. watch the video below

anymaka-portable-hammock-stand-2.jpeg | Image

anymaka-portable-hammock-stand-3.jpeg | Image

anymaka-portable-hammock-stand-4.jpeg | Image

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