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Tons Bike Gear Organisers

Tons Bike Gear is redefining cycling and fitness gear with a minimalistic, climate-conscious approach. This unique design brand combines sports gear with a stylish look and feel, catering to those who appreciate both functionality and aesthetics. Produced in Denmark, Tons prides itself on crafting locally made, handcrafted products that reflect the passion and dedication of cyclists.

What sets Tons apart is its commitment to sustainability. They create every product on-demand, eliminating overproduction and waste. With their in-house print farms and custom premium print filament, they ensure that each piece is made with precision and care. Their custom bio polymer, produced in collaboration with renowned filament maker ColorFabb, is a testament to their commitment to sensibility and style. With Tons, you get gear that not only performs but also makes a positive impact on the environment.

Check out their Organisers, designed to be the perfect storage for your cycling gear, whether it is in your living room, office, or in your pain cave.

tons-bike-gear-organisers-2.jpeg | Image

tons-bike-gear-organisers-3.jpeg | Image

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tons-bike-gear-organisers-5.jpeg | Image

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