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Stem | Spray Juice From A Citrus Fruit

How clever is this? Stem is another mind boggling by Quirky, it allows you to spray juice directly from a citrus fruit! The small device features serrated teeth, allowing you to easily it into the fruit. No more cutting and squeezing your fruits!

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quirky-stem-2.jpg | Image

quirky-stem-3.jpg | Image

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LAB House | Image

LAB House

The LAB House from Studio Arthur Casas is a stunning piece of architecture located in the heart of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. With a whopping 942m square meters of living space, this property is an impressive sight to behold. The house has been designed to make the most of its unique and attractive parcel of land, offering a mesmerising sea view. The metal fins covered in wood are a key design feature of this property, standing 4 metres high and supported...
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Artifox have introduced Desk 02, a new version of their beautiful and functional work desk. The minimalist desk is made from quality materials (hardwood and steel) and packed with function while maintaining a clean, simple aesthetic. It comes with a built-in dock for all of your tech devices and a functional cable grid that neatly manages those messy power cords. Available in a choice of walnut or white oak, the DESK 02 was designed to adapt to your needs with mix a...
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"Two Houses at Nichada" is a stunning project by Alkhemist Architects. Located in a suburban gated community in Bangkok, Thailand, the project consists of two houses belonging to a pair of brothers but with different styles which reflect the character of each owner. They wish to live close to each other and spend some time together, however, they also wish to establish a private distance when needed. As a result, the two houses look appropriately similar on the firs...
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