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Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Finex Cast Iron Skillet is designed and built in the USA, with a CNC machined cast iron structure that ensures even heating and cooking through its surface, and long life durability. It also features a specially polished finish on the cooking area that ensures an easy release to quickly clean it. A quirky coil design on the handle provides fast cooling so you won´t get burned handling it. It´s also designed in a star like shape that allows pouring out the juices that came out of your tasty cooking. Get the old school flavor and build, made with modern technology. watch the video below

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finex-cast-iron-skillet-3.jpg | Image

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HMM Clever Work Set | Image

HMM Clever Work Set

This remarkable tool set exemplifies HMM´s commitment to transforming everyday objects into timeless pieces of craftsmanship. Crafted with precision and care, this sleek stationery collection combines innovative design with age-old manufacturing techniques. Designed to enhance every designer’s creativity and elevate the workspace with elegance, the all-black HMM Clever Work Set features a versatile utility knife, scissors, ballpoint, pencil, magnetic cabl...
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Fellow Stagg EKG Pro | Image

Fellow Stagg EKG Pro

Fellow, the specialty coffee equipment company on a mission to help consumers brew absurdly delicious coffee at home, has added two more electric devices to its remarkable lineup. The brand launched the Stagg EKG Pro and Stagg EKG Pro Studio Edition, both of which offer a wide range of advanced new features without changing up the existing model’s classic shape that customers know and love. Both products include precise temperature control, a gooseneck spo...
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With Obol you can take your time eating your cereals, you will never eat soggy cereals again. This is one of those "i wish i had that idea" inventions, the Obol separates your cereals from your milk so you can mix them gradually as you eat. Obol can be used in various situations, adding croutons to soup or eating cookies with milk.  ...
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