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Villa Vals | Impressive Undergroung Residence For Rent

The Villa Vals House is an impressive  project carried out by two architectural firms: SEARCH and CMA, built on the slope of the valleys in the Alps, Switzerland. The intention of building this house is not to look like a residential structure. The villa is fully integrated into the landscape and the access is done through an existing wood barn, located at a lower level of the mountain. An underground tunnel leads residents to the main level set in a circular cut made on the mountainside.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


The Nut Hammer is the new sleek and useful solution if you like to eat nuts but just hate the hassle of the little pieces of broken shell that get all over the place. This hammer has a small silicone cup that will attach to the metal top, keeping all the pieces inside, saving you a lot of time, and making the process much more efficient. Crafted in a dark wooden ash, with a cast iron top and a small silicone holder, the handy tool will work with many types of nuts. ...
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The Genesis Base Camp System was created for outdoor lovers who just canīt give up having great hot meals. You get two high power burners on a super portable stove that uses propane gas. Along with the kit you also get the eco-friendly ceramic and non adherent frying pan and a 5 liter capacity pot to cook your energy providing carbs like spaghetti or rice or just to simply simmer a nice comfort dish. At just 5 pounds and a size of 4x4x8” itīs portable enough to carr...
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"If Apple Made a Guitar, It Would Look Like This” that is how Wired put it, and we couldnīt agree more. Relish Guitars is a young Swiss guitar label that manufactures this stunning e-guitar named "Jane”. Thanks to its innovative construction, materials and design (made up of three layers: middle layer is framed with aluminum, front and the back is made of wood veneer) "Jane” has a resonance and tone richness like nothing out there in the market, and delivers an unbe...
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