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Villa Vals | Impressive Undergroung Residence For Rent

The Villa Vals House is an impressive  project carried out by two architectural firms: SEARCH and CMA, built on the slope of the valleys in the Alps, Switzerland. The intention of building this house is not to look like a residential structure. The villa is fully integrated into the landscape and the access is done through an existing wood barn, located at a lower level of the mountain. An underground tunnel leads residents to the main level set in a circular cut made on the mountainside.

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Jamstik is a portable, wireless, digital guitar compatible with your iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer. The half-size digital guitar lets you practice your guitar shredding skills while on the move, you can play acoustic or electric, and the included jamTutor app teaches you how to play with interactive feedback. Jamstik connects wirelessly via WIFI and the real guitar strings never need tuning, you can save your jam sessions, and even use the Jamstik to control apps li...
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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: It’s the world’s first Ferrari theme park and largest attraction of its kind. The park pays tribute to the passion, excellence, performance and technical innovation that Ferrari has established over the years and represents today. Step past the main gates into an intense multi-sensory experience celebrating all things Ferrari. Fans, families and racing fanatics alike, will experience the race, the culture, the indulgence and history like no ...
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Moccamaster is a stylish coffee maker that will enable you to get your coffee blend to a whole new level. This handmade machine brews a pot of 10 cups in a dazzling 6 minutes with full flavor ensured. With Moccamaster the water is evenly dispersed through a 9 hole system over the whole coffee, unlike single drip machines, this allows you to get maximum flavor and use of the coffee powder. You also get a special metal plate that distributes heat and maintains your br...
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